Calligraphy and Wedding Monograms from Mississippi

| March 19, 2014

In the south, if it doesn’t move it gets monogrammed – we are practically born wearing our monograms here.  You can bet that when a woman starts to date a new guy she samples her possible new name and checks out the potential monogram – it may not be a deal breaker, but it’s a BIG deal.  Same goes for naming your new baby, it’s important to make sure that the monogram you give your child is something you want to see often and make sure it doesn’t have any unfortunate three letter spellings.  You know what I mean…

So there is no better place to start showing off those new married initials than a wedding.  Brides in Mississippi have lots of lovely choices about where to use their new monogram.  While engaged she can use her maiden name initials for thank you notes during the engagement and have a totally new set made with a new monogram for those post wedding thank you notes. real love magic

A calligrapher can design a unique monogram just for the couple and it can be used throughout the wedding in all sorts of ways such as:  Invitations, Wedding Programs, Napkins, Favors, Cakes, Gifts and Decor… especially the Decor!

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Calligraphy and Wedding Monograms from Mississippi



Brenda Otts Calligraphy


Fresh Cut Catering and Floral




Fresh Ink



Cake Designer:  Cakes by Iris
Photographer:  Christina Foto
Venue:  Fairview Inn


Photographer:  Haley Bale


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